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Byron Fence
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Quality concrete work is a monument to skill. Every job that Byron Fence completes is undertaken with this fact foremost in mind. We pour only 5000psi concrete at a minimum thickness of 4” actual depth over compacted and tamped earth and every job gets expansion joints every 10’ at a minimum.

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Quality Flatwork

Our experienced carpenters and concrete finishers excel in forming and pouring concrete for building foundations, walls, slabs, exterior paving, and heavy equipment foundations and pits. Excavate, form, pour, finish, take down forms, and leave site in a broom clean condition—this is standard operating procedure for any and all Byron Fence jobs. When you need it flat, you need it square, there’s only one choice. Call us and consider it done.

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We specialize in driveway and slab removal and replacement. We protect surrounding landscape and first and foremost do no harm to your property. When you call us, you’ll be glad you did.


Sidewalks / Flatwork